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Jonathan Snowden's View

UFC 141 Fight Card: Will Brock Lesnar Be Able To Face His Fears Against Alistair Overeem?

In his last two fights former champion Brock Lesnar has struggled with heavy punchers. Can he do better in his UFC return against Alistair Overeem, the strongest striker in the division?

UFC 140 Results: Jon Jones Proves He's The Best Fighter In The World Against Lyoto Machida

Jon Jones proves to the world that he's the best fighter in the UFC. Jones defended his light heavyweight title against Lyoto Machida tonight at UFC 140.

Fast Forward: Can You Really Know Which UFC Stars Will Reign Supreme A Decade From Now?

HDNet wonders which MMA star is the best bet for a long term deal. Jonathan Snowden looked back to a decade ago and determined MMA futures are an extremely risky bet.

Does Michael Bisping Stand A Chance Against Anderson Silva?

With his win over Jason Miller, Michael Bisping put himself in the mix for a title fight with UFC champion Anderson Silva. Jonathan Snowden speculates that, if it takes place, it won't be pretty.

Is Ronda Rousey Vs. Miesha Tate A Money Match For Strikeforce?

Ronda Rousey wants to fight Strikeforce champion Miesha Tate. Rousey believes she and Tate will draw big money at the box office. Tate says Rousey is marketable but not deserving. Jonathan Snowden thinks they are both wrong.

Five Things I'm Thankful For In Mixed Martial Arts: The 2011 Remix

Five things to be thankful for in the world of mixed martial arts. Art imitates life, as the UFC leads the way.

UFC 139 Results: Dan Henderson And Shogun Rua Fight To Bitter End In Instant Classic

Dan Henderson and Mauricio "Shogun Rua waged a war of attrition at UFC 139. And while Jonathan Snowden rjects the idea it was the best fight of all time, he agrees it featured two of the most courageous performances in MMA history.

UFC On Fox Results: Dana White Offers Fighter Criticism As Analyst

Dana White was the primary analyst for the UFC's prefight and postfight coverage on Fox. Jonathan Snowden sees that as a potential problem for the UFC boss.

UFC On Fox Results: MMA Sells Out And It's A Great Thing To See

MMA sold out last night at UFC on Fox and that's a great thing to see.

UFC On Fox Results: Historic Broadcast Leaves Room For Improvement

Junior dos Santos knocked out Cain Velasquez to win UFC gold. Was the historic broadcast television debut everything the UFC and Fox could have hoped for? Jonathan Snowden says yes and no.

UFC 141: Brock Lesnar Looks Roughly The Size Of A Barge

Some fans speculated we'd see a slimmer Brock Lesnar in the cage at UFC 141. But as Jonathan Snowden writes, the press conference showed the former UFC champion looking larger than life.

UFC On Fox 1: A Love Letter To Dana White And The Men Who Saved A Sport

The UFC makes its debut on Fox Saturday night. MMA historian Jonathan Snowden gives credit where it is due - to the near flawless execution of Dana White, Joe Silva, and a committed ownership group.

Manny Pacquiao Vs. UFC On Fox: Which Show Is The Better Choice Saturday Night?

Will fight fans choose Manny Pacquiao Saturday night? Or will the UFC's mainstream debut take a bite out of boxing? Jonathan Snowden breaks down both cards to see where fans should turn for the best show this weekend.

UFC 137 Results: The Best And Worst Of B.J. Penn On Display In Loss To Nick Diaz

B.J. Penn may have fought for the last time at UFC 137. Jonathan Snowden says it's fitting we saw the best and worst of Penn in his final performance.

UFC 137 Fight Card: Breaking Down Nick Diaz Versus B.J. Penn

Nick Diaz takes on B.J Penn in the UFC 137 main event. Who is the better striker? The better grappler? Jonathan Snowden breaks the fighters down in five areas to pick a winner.

Strikeforce Is Dying And I Don't Care

Jonathan Snowden argues that the UFC's purchase of their rival Strikeforce prevented us from seeing another epic MMA meltdown. Now Strikeforce is dying slowly, ignominiously, and even its biggest fans can barely muster the energy to care.

Is UFC Middleweight Champion Anderson Silva Ducking Chael Sonnen?

Is UFC champion Anderson Silva trying to get out of a fight with top contender Chael Sonnen? Jonathan Snowden explains why this fight has to happen.

Gilbert Melendez Needs To Earn His Place In The UFC

Gilbert Melendez may get the next title shot at 155 pounds. But Jonathan Snowden argues that the Strikeforce star isn't ready to carry a UFC pay per view on the marketing end - no matter how good he is in the cage.

UFC 136 Results: Chael Sonnen And The Best Interview In UFC History

UFC contender Chael Sonnen cut one of the best promos in UFC history last night. Will his rematch with Anderson Silva draw big at the box office?

UFC 140 Fight Card: Jon Jones Should Not Be Fighting Lyoto Machida

Jon Jones will defend his UFC light heavyweight title against Lyoto Machida, who has lost two of his last three. Does the former champion deserve a shot? Jonathan Snowden argues no.

UFC On Versus 6 Results: Dominick Cruz Fails To Ignite Fan Interest

Dominick Cruz may be a great fighter, but Jonathan Snowden argues that the UFC bantamweight champion will never be a star.

UFC 135 Results: Jon Jones Is The Best Fighter In The World

UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones had doubters going into his UFC 135 defense against Quinton Jackson. But, as Jonathan Snowden explains, any remaining doubters are needlessly cynical. Jones isn't just a deserving champion - he may be the best fighter in the sport today.

UFC 135 Fight Card: Does Rampage Jackson Need To Reinvent His Game?

UFC champion Jon Jones thinks Quinton Jackson's fighting style is stagnant. Jonathan Snowden argues that the young fighter is confusing mature and refined with unevolved - perhaps to his detriment.

The UFC's Paradigm Shift: Jon Jones Isn't One Of Us

UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones isn't like us. In a sport that prides itself on fighters being recognizable and approachable everymen, that presents some public relations problems. Jonathan Snowden explains.

Does Warrior's Box Office Failure Show The Mainstream Is Still Not Ready For MMA And The UFC?

The mixed martial arts movie Warrior failed badly at the box office. Jonathan Snowden is afraid this and other failures may be a bad sign for the UFC's mainstream appeal.

Mayweather-Ortiz Results: Floyd Strikes A Telling Blow Against Victor Ortiz And The Bro Hug

Floyd Mayweather is the biggest villain in boxing. But last night he struck a blow against the dreaded bro hug in his knockout win against Victor Ortiz.

Despite Fan Grumbling Cung Le Belongs In UFC

Some fans have criticized the UFC's signing of Cung Le. But Jonathan Snowden is intrigued to see how Le will fare against the best of the best.

Breaking Down Brock Lesnar's Chances Against Alistair Overeem At UFC 141

Jonathan Snowden breaks down the epic fight between Brock Lesnar and Alistair Overeem. Who has the advantage in grappling, striking, and intangibles?

Does Strikeforce's Heavyweight Grand Prix Still Matter?

The Strikeforce Heavyweight Grand Prix harkened back to the early days of MMA. Stars were made in the UFC and in Japan's Pride on the strength of tournament wins. Strikeforce had the same idea - until everything went awry.

UFC 134 Results: Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira Fends Off Father Time

It seemed like the overly confident, young Brendan Schaub was going to end the great Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira's career at UFC 134. Instead, the UFC legend turned the tables on the young gun and had one more moment in the sun.

The UFC On Fox: Saying Goodbye To The UFC Gladiator

The UFC Gladiator has opened more than 100 pay per view telecasts. Now he's a thing of the past. Jonathan Snowden pays tribute to an icon.

The Case For Kazushi: Why Dana White Is Wrong About Sakuraba

UFC President Dana White has taken to the attack, criticizing Japanese fighting legend Kazushi Sakuraba. The MMA Encyclopedia author Jonathan Snowden looks to set the record straight.