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52 Things I Love About MMA

The USWF: MMA History Uncovered In Amarillo

The history of mixed martial arts is shrouded in mystery. The MMA Encyclopedia author Jonathan Snowden uncovers the story of the USWF, home to former and future UFC champions in his 52 Things I Love About MMA Series.

UFC 88: Rashad Evans, Chuck Liddell And The Knockout That Changed Everything

Jonathan Snowden continues his "52 Things I Love About MMA" series with a first hand account of the knockout that shook the MMA world. At UFC 88, Rashad Evans clobbered Chuck Liddell. Neither man's career would ever be the same.

Enter Zuffa: How One Family Saved Mixed Martial Arts In America

Jonathan Snowden continues his series "52 Things I Love About MMA." While MMA pundits will always find reasons to criticize, it's important to remember the role Zuffa played in spreading the UFC to the masses.

Wanderlei Silva's Bare Knuckle Brilliance

Wanderlei Silva is one of the most brutal fighters in MMA history. The MMA Encyclopedia author Jonathan Snowden takes a look at one of his early bouts, a fight that showed just what the "Axe Murderer" was capable of.