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Fedor Tosses The Korean Zombie, Georges St. Pierre Returns On The Round-Up

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GSP hits the comeback trail, the Gladiator goes out in a blaze of glory, Jimmy Hettes travels to the '90's, Fedor wrassles Jung, and lock your doors, it's Nick Diaz on The Round-Up.


MMA Nation Round-Up provides you with daily coverage of the latest in news, multimedia, and analysis throughout the world of combat sports.

Today we'll take one final look back at UFC on Fox 2, before marching forward towards Saturday's UFC 143 offering. Plus, Georges St. Pierre returns to action, Fedor duels the Korean Zombie, and an interview with the pre-teen that nearly caused a UFC public relations disaster.

- Chael Sonnen's razor-thin victory didn't quite mesh with the grandiose post-fight speech that followed, but then again, that's just Chael being Chael... right? The stark exchange led David Castillo to ask: Is Sonnen's bark beginning to hide his lack of bite?

- Catch a recap of all the action of Rashad Evans vs. Phil Davis from UFC on Fox 2's main event.

- Next up for Rashad: a long awaited title shot against Jon Jones. Though, to steal a line from GSP, Jones was not impressed by his performance, "I feel like he's coming down the other side of the hill. Even his body looked softer."

- Ouch. Regardless, the oddsmakers appear to be on Bones' side, as the young champion opened as a ridiculously high 6-to-1 favorite.

- Cower in fear of Nick Diaz in the latest piece of UFC 143-related viral marketing.

- We must all take a moment of silence as we mourn the tragedy that occurred on Monday. After 100+ pay-per-views, the Gladiator has finally fallen in battle.

- Somehow, this feels strangely appropriate.

- Less than a week away from the UFC crowning a new welterweight champion for the first time since mid-2008, Georges St. Pierre is back in the gym, albiet in a "limited" fashion.

- Meanwhile, the Nick Diaz and Carlos Condit camps appear to have a differing of opinions when it comes to the fate of the interim strap.

- As if a listless loss to Chris Weidman wasn't enough, Demian Maia also earned this unfortunate distinction at UFC on Fox 2.

With his decision loss on Saturday, Demian Maia now solely has the longest active streak of UFC fights going to a decision (7).
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- Unless your name is Brock Lesnar or Chael Sonnen, it's hard for an up-and-coming MMA fighter to keep their face in the papers. That's why Johny Hendricks doesn't want you to forget, he just blasted the No. 2 welterweight in the world.

- B.J. Penn recently hosted a party for the latest group of at-risk youth to join the Penn Hawaii Youth Foundation in Hilo, Hawaii.

- Matt Hughes isn't ready to hang up his gloves (or his fondness for first-person dialogue) just yet. Said the Hall of Famer, "My wife's a great lady, but she's not going to tell me when Matt Hughes retires."

- Remember that hacker who breached and on a live feed and posted the video for the entire internet to see? Yeah, apparently he's a 13-year-old Australian boy.

- Jimmy Hettes may be the UFC's newest 145-pound sensation, but this Living Colour-esque photo probably isn't doing him any favors in the street-cred department. (via @Scramble)


- Want to see the 225-pound Fedor Emelianenko toss the 145-pound Korean Zombie around like a ragdoll? My gift to you. (HT: Bloody Elbow)