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UFC On Fox 2 Results: Chael Sonnen Underwhelms Against Michael Bisping, Overtalks

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UFC on Fox 2 Results: Chael Sonnen talked a big game, unfortunately he didn't fight a big fight against Michael Bisping.

Photo by Esther Lin for <a href="" target="new">MMA Fighting</a>.
Photo by Esther Lin for MMA Fighting.

Chael Sonnen clearly planned his post-fight speech in advance because even the utterly shameless Sonnen would not have had the gall to talk himself up after barely slipping past Michael Bisping at UFC on Fox 2. He won a unanimous decision but announcer Joe Rogan scored the fight for Bisping and 2 out of 3 judges gave Bisping a single round.

UFC on Fox 2 Results: Chael Sonnen defeats Michael Bisping by unanimous decision (30-27, 29-28, 29-28).

Nevertheless, Sonnen went on the microphone after the fight and declared that Joe Rogan should be answering questions about how exciting it must be to be standing next to the great Chael Sonnen. He also said that in the future one-sided beatdowns would be referred to as "Chael Sonnens."

UFC On Fox 2 Results And Play-By-Play

Fans tuning in to the UFC for the first time must have been non-plussed by the incongruity between Sonnen's underwhelming performance in the cage and his overacting after the bout. UFC president Dana White went into tonight's fights with big hopes for setting up a mega-fight between Sonnen and Anderson Silva this summer in a Brazilian stadium.

That fight is still likely to go off, but it remains to be seen how many new fans Sonnen convinced to consider buying a $55 pay-per-view to see more of him.