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UFC On Fox 2 Bonuses: Oliveira, Johnson, Dunham And Lentz Earn $65,000

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Charles Oliveira, Evan Dunham, Nik Lentz and Lavar Johnson earned an additional $65,000 in 'Fight Night' bonuses for their work at UFC on Fox 2.

Charles Oliveira
Charles Oliveira

Debuting a new submission inside the Octagon is usually a good way to grab some bonus cash, as Charles Oliveira found out on Saturday night.

The young Brazilian earned $65,000 for his "Submission of the Night" finish over Eric Wisely on the UFC on Fox 2 undercard. Oliveira blitzed Wisely from the opening bell, landing heavy shots before taking his back and slickly transitioning into a fight-ending calf slicer.

"I was extremely confident and proud going into this fight and I knew that God would be with me," Oliveira proudly said. "My training for this fight has been perfect and I could not wait to show the UFC fans what I am capable of. I have practiced my submissions endlessly and it was easy to look for that opportunity to finish the fight."

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Somewhat surprisingly, lightweights Nik Lentz and Evan Dunham also left the arena with a fatter wallet, as each fighter earned $65,000 in bonus money for their two-round "Fight of Night" performance. Despite a pairing that many expected to be lackluster, both men put on a show for the sold-out United Center, standing inside the pocket and trading furious combinations for ten minutes until Lentz, sporting what appeared to be a broken orbital bone, could no longer continue.

"I knew I had his number and I was going to take this fight," Dunham explained. "When I heard the decision that the doctors stopped it, I was a little bummed out. As a fighter, you want to prove to yourself that you can finish the fight. I'll take the W, but I would have preferred to finish it on my terms."

Capping off the night's bonuses, Strikeforce import Lavar Johnson earned "Knockout of the Night" honors for his vicious destruction of Joey Beltran. "Big" controlled much of the opening frame before landing a series of monstrous uppercuts that knocked Beltran out cold.

"This win shows that the Strikeforce heavyweights belong here," Johnson proclaimed. "We're all on the same level and now we're getting a chance to prove it. And the fans are the ones benefitting from it the most because they're getting to see action like this."