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UFC On FOX 2 Results: Rashad Evans Vs. Phil Davis Round 4

In the third round, the Penn State alumnus struck back, albeit a little bit. Davis clearly lost the first two rounds, but manage to land a takedown of his own in the third. He'll need more of that to win even one round. We have to

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ROUND 4 - front kick from Davis to open the frame, but it misses wildly. Body kick from Davis, but Evans is still stalking. Good jabs also from Evans and Davis shooting way from the outside. Davis finding his range with the jab. Pairs up the straight punches. Davis answers with a powerful kick to the body. Neither fighter finds their rangs. Rashad shoots in, gets top position. Davis turtles to his knees, Rashad on his back. Good scramble. Davis gets back to his feet. Evans controlling the cage. Good sprawl by Evans. Rashad lands a hard right.