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Dana White UFC On Fox 2 Video Blog: Day Two

A war against internet hackers wasn't enough to stop UFC President Dana White from releasing the second edition of his UFC on Fox 2 video blog.

This time we skip the usual housekeeping fanfare and jump right into White touching down in Chicago, where he promptly heads to a PR spot on Good Day Chicago.

Afterward, the action moves to a behind-the-scenes look at Thursday's pre-fight press conference at the W Hotel. White is adamant that he doesn't like to keep the media waiting, so the presser starts up once the fighters arrive, but not before Chael Sonnen can greet the UFC boss with this nugget, "You made fun of me at the last press conference for my shoes, and I got new shoes, and I'm determined that you see that they match my outfit this time."

Just before everybody walks out, Chris Weidman remarks that White looks "jacked," which he is obviously pleased to hear as he responds, "everybody calls me fatboy." Someone in the back promptly shouts, "it's just a small shirt!", eliciting laughter throughout the hallway.

Finally we revisit Thursday's action as Phil Davis and Rashad Evans get heated about collegiate wrestling and Sonnen rhymes his way into a thousand articles for the collected media. Everything wraps up with the staredowns, and we catch a look at Davis' failed attempt to punk Evans.