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Hackers Answer Dana White's Challenge, Release Personal Information And Deface

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Hackers breached,, and released the personal information of UFC President Dana White in response to White's public challenge.

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UFC President Dana White asked for it, and he got it.

After directly challenging hackers to attack, and then engaging in a prolonged argument with online collective Anonymous via Twitter, White's personal information, including his social security number and criminal record, was released to the public late Thursday night and was defaced as part of what is now being called "OpUFC."

The UFC's official website was first struck earlier this week as a response to a Las Vegas Review-Journal op-ed published by Executive Vice President Lawrence Epstein, detailing the UFC's support for the polarizing Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) and Protect Intellectual Property Act (PIPA).

According to Zuffa, no customer information was lost in the initial breach, however White fanned the flames on Thursday afternoon.

"Keep hacking our site. Do it again. Do it tonight," he declared (via USA Today). "You know what's happening? These guys look like terrorists now, and a bill that was about to die is about to come back."

White then took to Twitter to discuss his brash statements with a representative of Anonymous, but the conversation quickly turned south.

"Cowards hide on the Internet!" White posted. "At least I'm man enough to say all my s*** in public and not hide behind a screen name!

"They said they are coming after me tonight, that's f****ing terrorism! I'm rite (sic) here."

Twitter user "JoshtheGod," the same hacker that claimed responsibility for previous breaches of, quickly posted this ominous retort.

"We don't want your site anymore. We are going after YOU! Follow me for tonight's exciting events!"

Soon after, hackers released a slew of White's personal information, including known addresses, phone numbers, his social security number and criminal record. Hackers also claim to have accessed the UFC's data storages, posting an extensive archive of UFC 143 file listings.

However the attacks did not seem to deter White.

"I am the f***ing king of free speech," he posted. "Go get creepy and try to be scary somewhere else. That s*** don't work here dork."

This morning a representative known as S3rver.exe, the hacker who recently infiltrated Sony Pictures, publicly struck both and, defacing several webpages as part of Anonymous' #OpUFC movement.

"I hacked those 2 sites this morning. One of them has 60+ vulnerabilities and has XSS, BlindSQL Injection and other vulnerabilities," S3rver.exe said to Softpedia.

Anonymous promptly followed up by issuing the foreboding tweets below, as well as a video proving their ability to breach and

Unfortunately for fans whose credit card numbers are caught in this bizarre crossfire, it appears the situation will only worsen before it gets better.

Answering @danawhite's challenge today, UFC's site has been hacked - stay tuned, we hear moar lulz are on the way. #OpUFC
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We will call that round one.... more to come. #OpUFC
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