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Live Notes From The UFC On Fox 2 Press Conference

Thursday's UFC on Fox 2 pre-fight press conference is scheduled for 11:00 a.m. PT/2:00 p.m. ET and features former UFC light heavyweight champion Rashad Evans and unbeaten contender Phil Davis. Middleweight standouts Chael Sonnen, Michael Bisping, Demian Maia and Chris Weidman are also expected to attend, as will heavyweights Mike Russow and John Olav Einemo. Along with live updates and notable quotes, MMA Nation will provide you with full video of the conference inside this StoryStream.

Note: Chael Sonnen has a fake UFC belt on his dais.

UFC on Fox 2 is slated for January 28, 2012 at the United Center in Chicago, Illinois. For more results and analysis, follow MMA Nation (@MMANation) and Shaun Al-Shatti (@shaunalshatti) on Twitter.

Here are partial notes from each participant (several quotes via MMA Mania).

Dana White:

  • The winner of Bisping vs. Chael fights Anderson Silva over the summer.
  • "Chael's nuts. He says all kinds of crazy things... I have to have a separate press conference to answer all the things he says."
  • Believes Chael Sonnen will definitely be safe if he fights in Brazil.
  • Has no idea were Sonnen's fake belt came from.
  • Went after "Paul Harris" first to fill Bisping's spot, but he turned it down so White grabbed Weidman.
  • Even if Bisping wins, the fight against Silva will be in Brazil.

Rashad Evans:

  • Is 32 years old and wants to get as many fights in as possible before he runs out of gas. "I'm excited to fight again on a regular basis."
  • "I don't have a lot against Phil, but I have to fight him, so for now I have a lot against him."
  • Vehement that Davis' wrestling has "trash technique."
  • Feels good to fight in his hometown, but trying not to be "too comfortable because he still has to fight."
  • "Cost me a lot of tickets, but everyone has a chance to come in and see me fight."
  • "You've seen Phil. He can't hit. He punches with his hands open and he has no technique at all. Phil can't bust a grape."
  • Says Davis looks like Arsenio Hall and John Salley had a baby.

Phil Davis:

  • Rashad is the number-one contender, but he won't be after Saturday.
  • Is used being the underdog, so isn't worried about the odds.
  • (If Evans could beat him as a wrestler) "Cocaine is a helluva drug."
  • "It's crazy what the kids do nowadays. I encourage imagination and it's good that he has that but no. He'll never beat me in wrestling, not thumb wrestling, not anything of the sort."
  • No animosity towards Rashad on his end.
  • Was upset the first fight was cancelled because he really wanted to fight in his homestate of Pennsylvania.

Chael Sonnen:

  • "For those of you that can't see, this [belt] is the world title I took from Anderson Silva... In this country possession is nine-tenths of the law."
  • "It's my belt, I slept with this thing last night. You're looking at the man with the biggest arms and will do the biggest harm to the guy three doors down."
  • Doesn't run practice, coach runs practice. Trains every day, just trains a little bit harder when there's a fight coming up.
  • Believes UFC on Fox 2 will set broadcast records.
  • Took Anderson's belt "like a gangster in the night." If he wants it back, "he should come get it."
  • Will fight Maia again, and "it will be for the championship."
  • Wasn't a pro wrestling fan when he was a kid. Says his dad told them they couldn't get cable where they lived, but the neighbors had it.
  • "I was a Sugar Ray Leonard guy, Marvin Haggler, Duran."

Michael Bisping:

  • "Let's be honest, I outbox (Sonnen) all day, every day."
  • "Of course, he's the best boxer. He's the Muhammed Ali, and I'm a guy from England, what chance do I have? I'm a good striker and he's just a wrestler."
  • Is sure there'll be a lot of energy in the building on Saturday, so he welcomes it, whether it be positive or negative.
  • This won't be the first time I'm an underdog in a fight, and this won't be the first time I prove them wrong.
  • "The best fighter doesn't always win, the one who fights best wins."
  • "He can keep his fake belt and shove it up his a**."

Demian Maia:

  • "I like Chael. He's funny and a very good athlete. He's proven it... I hope one day we can fight for the title again."
  • Needs to be prepared to fight Weidman everywhere, not just on the ground.

Chris Weidman:

  • Number one thing was his weight cut, and that has gone well.
  • Not going to be 100% for Maia in ten days, so is just focusing on all the work he's done throughout his entire life.
  • Comfortable on his feet and on the ground against Maia.
  • Believes this isn't a win-win situation. "I have to fight this fight... I can't look at it that way, because that gives me an excuse to lose."
  • "I have a lot of respect for his jiu-jitsu, it's amazing. But I've competed at Abu Dhabi against some of the best grapplers in the world, and I've done pretty well. I train with some of the best grapplers in the world."

Mike Russow:

  • Is a great opportunity to fight in his hometown.
  • Used a month of vacation time from his dayjob as a policeman while training for this fight.

John Olav Einemo:

  • "Not everyone likes the police, so I have to try to get the other ones on my side."
  • Had airplane troubles on the flight over. Passengers could smell smoke and fire, so the plane had to land prematurely, ended up being a 22-hour layover.
  • Hopes to be a part of UFC on Fuel TV 2 in Sweden.