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Dana White UFC on Fox 2 Video Blog: Day 1

Dana White released the first of what he promises will be many video blogs this week, as part of the lead-up to the UFC's mammoth sophomore effort on network television, UFC on Fox 2.

The scene opens with a seemingly innocent shot of Chael Sonnen and Michael Bisping speaking at the press conference before they were matched up. When asked about Dan Henderson, the Brit starts off, "Well he's just another person that had his shot."

But then things gets interesting. "I seem to remember him getting tapped out just like Chael did," Bisping continues, before staring directly at Sonnen. "Both these guys have a problem with submission defense." Nothing but a wry smile from Senor Chael, but you can tell he's seething inside.

Next we move to White as he runs through the usual housekeeping agenda (behind a rather interesting poster) before taking us to the behind-the-scenes footage of Friday night's UFC on FX debut.

What ensues is a run through a quartet of UFC newcomers after their Octagon debut, as Joseph Sandoval is beside himself after lasting just 22 seconds, while Nick Denis is rightfully ecstatic across from him. A disappointed Tom Hayden then goes through what went wrong, while a joyous Khabib Nurmagomedov shouts "Thank you Dana White! Thank you!"

Then we transition to the veterans, taking a look a Jorge Rivera pre- and post-retirement, as well as a different angle at Mike Easton, who clearly isn't playing. Somewhat disturbingly, Christian Morecraft still seems off after being starched by Pat Barry, though the mood is lightened a bit because you can still hear Easton not playing in the background.

Finally we move on to the main event, as Melvin Guillard generously stops his pre-fight focus to pose backstage with a passing fan and her cell-phone camera. After the loss, Guillard explains what went wrong to his team before congratulating Miller on his win.

UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones sends us off with his prediction for Rashad Evans vs. Phil Davis. "I could see Phil Davis winning by knockout," Jones says, clearly at the expense of his rival. "I mean, really, Rashad's chin sucks."

Despite the slight, Jones makes it clear he hopes Evans wins so he can beat Rashad and "just get it over with."