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UFC's Michael Bisping Fires First Shot, Jon Jones Fox Commercial, Pat Barry Hates Things On The Round-Up

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The search for UFC middleweight Chael Sonnen, a most unfortunate knockout (video), Michael Bisping calls it like he sees it, the UFC embarrasses Australians, and Beavis and Butthead are ruined forever on today's edition of The Round-Up.

Michael Bisping
Michael Bisping

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This morning we'll catch up the latest happenings in mixed martial arts, from Alistair Overeem being too small and Lorenzo Fertitta's letter to congress, to Nick Diaz hawking shirts and the 2012's most unfortunate knockout. But first we'll start out with a quick look back at UFC on FX 1.

- Missed any of Friday night's fights? The fine gentlemen over at Fox Sports have a little present for you.

<a href=";src=FLPl:embed::uuids" mce_href=";src=FLPl:embed::uuids" target="_new" title="Highlights: UFC on FX 1">Video: Highlights: UFC on FX 1</a>

- Ben Fowlkes embarked on the frustrating search for the real Chael Sonnen in a fantastic piece that included this little nugget from Senor Chael: "Listen, I'm a God-fearing man, go to church every Sunday and have since I was a boy. But if I ever found out that God cared one way or another about a borderline illegal fist-fight on Saturday night, I would be so greatly disappointed that it would make rethink my entire belief system."

- Meanwhile, Pat Barry hates things, volume three.

- Big Nog thinks the 6'5" 265-pound Alistair Overeem isn't going to beat the 6'4" 245-pound Junior dos Santos because he's "not big enough."

- Brent Schermerhorn defeated Kaleo Gambill in 45 seconds over the weekend at Pro Elite 3. But the really unfortunate part came afterward. (HT: MMA Mania)


- After an unusually tame week of non-trash talk between Michael Bisping and Chael Sonnen, the Brit finally issued the first shot. Take it away Michael: "I don't know what the deal is. Apparently, he has one testicle."

- Lorenzo Fertitta wrote a two-page letter to Congressman Lamar Smith in support of SOPA. Read it all here.

- In case you missed it, here's the UFC commercial that ran during the Giants-49ers NFL playoff game on Sunday.

- One of the UFC's first responses to ESPN's infamous fighter pay crusade was to release a video of Lorenzo Fertitta "catching" John Barr during their interview by revealing that the network paid a fighter just $275 for an appearance on Friday Night Fights. Thing is, as Brent Brookhouse discovered, there was no $275 fighter.

- The UFC: Helping grown men make fools of themselves since 1993.

Video of how far fans will go - Australian fans serenade the UFC on FX 2 guys for a #Hunt4UFC prize
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- A lot's on the line this weekend when it comes to the middleweight division. Catch up on all the movers and shakers with Fraser Coffeen.

- Ever wonder if a big old beard makes your face more resistant to punches? Johny Hendricks can help you out.

- Nick Diaz preps for UFC 143 and tries (not very hard) to sell you some shirts.

- Introducing Fedor Emelianenko's possible next opponent: Bobby Lashley. Wait... what?

- Ready to ruin your childhood and affinity for Nick Diaz at the same time? Don't say I didn't warn you. (HT: Cage Potato)