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Lorenzo Fertitta Writes Letter To Congress Supporting SOPA, UFC Website Hacked

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The UFC's well-documented fight against internet piracy hit a crescendo over the weekend, as the official website was hacked in response to a Las Vegas Review-Journal op-ed penned by Executive Vice President Lawrence Epstein supporting the controversial congressional bill, Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA).

Starting at roughly 5:40 E.T. on Sunday, any traffic attempting to reach was instead redirected to, a site splashed with an embellished portrait of Adolf Hitler on their front page. Soon after, this tweet was send out by Josh Matthews claiming responsibility.

Later in the day, mixed martial arts website MiddleEasy obtained a two-page letter dating back to November 22nd, 2011, in which UFC majority owner Lorenzo Ferttita outlines his support of SOPA to Congressman Lamar Smith, the bill's chief sponsor. The complete letter can be read below (via MiddleEasy).