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Live Notes From The UFC On Fox 2 Conference Call

Friday's UFC on Fox 2 media conference call is scheduled for 11:00 a.m. PT/2:00 p.m. ET and features light heavyweight contenders Rashad Evans and Phil Davis. Middleweights Chael Sonnen, Michael Bisping, Demian Maia and Chris Weidman are also expected to attend. Along with live updates and notable quotes, MMA Nation will provide you with full audio of the call inside this StoryStream.

UFC on Fox 2 takes place on January 28, 2012 at the United Center in Chicago, Illinois. For more analysis, follow MMA Nation (@MMANation) and Shaun Al-Shatti (@shaunalshatti) on Twitter.

Here are partial notes from each participant. Full audio is coming.

Rashad Evans:

  • When it comes down to it, this is his title fight. Everything is contingent on his performance next week.
  • Though Bisping did very good in the wrestling aspect when they fought. Thought he was "very squirmy... but Chael's a different wrestler altogether."
  • Believes the Blackzilians are going to make their mark on the sport. People are starting to get more successful and more fighters are joining the camp.
  • Jon Jones is the champion so he gets to make the choice of when he fights. If the UFC has to put another contender ahead of him, there's nothing Evans can do but continue to win.
  • (To Davis) "I'm gonna smash you dude. You ain't ready. You just a boy... We gonna see what happens when those lights hit you. You ain't a fighter."
  • "Some people would be fighting no matter what, even if they ain't paid. I'm one of those people. Phil isn't."
  • (To Davis) "When I'm on top of you, I'm gonna remind you with every shot what you said."

Phil Davis:

  • Definitely worked on his stand-up, but also his overall MMA game. That's what he's looking to show.
  • "This is the perfect fight for me."
  • Doesn't bother him that the UFC has yet to commit to giving him a title shot. Is fine with Dan Henderson getting the shot first.
  • (To Evans' comment about being a fighter) "You're right, I'd be pushing a pen. But since I get paid to fight, you next."

Chael Sonnen:

  • "I come from a wrestling background. I never know who's going to show up... the way the brackets work."
  • "Mike's a totally different fighter, Mike's a great fighter, but as far as opponent changes, who cares?"
  • "I can guarantee you Anderson Silva and I will never cross paths again... He's not getting in the ring with me. Ever."
  • "I know Anderson's not going to fight. The folks at the UFC know Anderson Silva's not going to fight."
  • Doesn't understand the notion that Bisping doesn't deserve a title shot. He's beaten everybody in front of him. "Bisping gets the job done, and for someone to come out and say he shouldn't get the opportunity, it's silly."
  • Referred to Fedor as "Fake Fedor" when comparing his record to Rashad's.
  • Says the UFC tried to put Sonnen vs. Silva together four times behind-the-scenes, but Silva turned it down each time. Even said 'no' to Lorenzo Fertitta directly.
  • "I've never hard an easy fight in the UFC. But I've never had a hard fight either... You give it your all every single time."
  • Was given the same guarantee to fight Anderson in a soccer stadium three different times, so doesn't believe it.
  • Believes Anderson actually is hurt, but it's a little peculiar to see him sparring with Wanderlei Silva and Mo Lawal.
  • If he beats Bisping, he'll sit down with Dana White and discuss a fight with Jon Jones or Georges St. Pierre.
  • Believes Mike and he are about to fight to determine the real champion.
  • "Before you go pick on Michael Bisping, you need to prepare for Michael Bisping."
  • "I don't think Michael Bisping behaves like a coward, I don't think he behaves in a shameful way, wears pink T-shirts."
  • The UFC does a good job testing fighters for P.E.D.'s. There are phonebook-sized pages of supplements that are legal but still banned in the sport. Fighters need to educate themselves on that. "Banned and illegal is not the same thing."

Michael Bisping

  • Had finished his morning workout, was just having lunch when he heard of the switch from Maia to Sonnen. "Was too big of an opportunity to turn down."
  • Will fight Anderson Silva in a Brazilian scocer stadium in Brazil if he wins.
  • Would have brought in more wrestlers instead of jui-jitsu guys if he knew he was fighting Sonnen, but won't make excuses because a lot of it crosses over.
  • Always looking for the biggest fights possible, so jumped at the opportunity.
  • "People say I havent' been fighting the top guys. Well here we are. This is the number two guy and I jumped at it."
  • Is too busy training for Chael to pile on the insults. "You're going to see one hell of a fight. Who cares about the trash talk."

Demian Maia:

  • Doesn't like that he was preparing to fight a striker and is now fighting a grappler. Meanwhile, Mike was preparing to fight a grappler and still is fighting a grappler.
  • "All my life I've been fighting against wrestlers. So now it's just going back to my roots."
  • Chris also doesn't have time to prepare, so the short notice isn't that bad.
  • Was impressed with Weidman's performance against Tom Lawlor in November.

Chris Weidman:

  • Was ecstatic to hear about the opportunity.
  • Fight was originally going to get pushed back but Maia wanted to stay on the Fox card.
  • It wouldn't have mattered if the opponent was different. "Some people never have opportunities like this given to them."
  • "In my mind this is the first true Fox card... This is history in the making."
  • Hasn't had a chance to showcase his stand-up, so is looking forward to the opportunity.