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UFC On FX's Mike Easton: 'I Hit Harder Than Anyone In The Division'

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In this interview with MMA Nation Radio on 106.7 The Fan, UFC bantamweight Mike Easton talks about his second foray in the Octagon (this time against Jared Papazian) and why he believes he is the hardest puncher in the entire bantamweight division.

Mike Easton
Mike Easton

UFC bantamweight and Washington, D.C. native Mike Easton returns to the Octagon tonight after making a victorious UFC debut at UFC on Versus 6 this past October. Originally slated to face American Top Team's Ken Stone, Easton now faces late replacement Jared Papazian, making both fights for Easton in the UFC against last-minute replacements. According to Easton, however, that couldn't possibly make a difference to him.

In this interview from MMA Nation Radio on 106.7 The Fan, Easton discusses a wide variety of topics (listed below), but makes the assertion he's the hardest puncher in the entire UFC bantamweight division. Against a forward-charging brawler like Papazian he might just get the chance to prove it.

Full audio below:

Among other topics, Easton discusses the following:

  • U.S. judo Olympian Rhadi Ferguson helping with strength and conditioning for all of his UFC camps.
  • Spending his entire camp in Camp Springs, Maryland and not at Alliance Gym in San Diego. However, Brandon Vera did fly over to help.
  • Why training on the East Coast grittiness is better for fight camp training.
  • Just how different the 'UFC experience' is from previous fight experiences.
  • Using Dominick Cruz's footwork in the first round of his fight at UFC on Versus 6 against Byron Bloodworth to get his feet 'under him' after a two-year layoff.
  • Not worried about having a camp around one fighter throughout the entire process.
  • What he knows about his opponent Papazian.
  • A health update on UFC bantamweight Dominick Cruz and whether Easton will have a role on the next season of 'The Ultimate Fighter'
  • Meeting WBA and IBF Lamont Peterson and admiring his accomplishments as a fellow Washington, DC