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UFC 142 Results: Erick Silva Beats Carlo Prater, Loses By Disqualification

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UFC welterweight Erick Silva was disqualified by referee Mario Yamasaki for landing illegal blows to the head of opponent Carlo Prater at UFC 142. Many, including UFC president Dana White and UFC announcer Joe Rogan disputed the call.

UFC welterweight Erick Silva had no problem demolishing Carlo Prater in their UFC 142 bout, finishing Prater with punches on the ground in under a minute. Unfortunately for Silva, referee Mario Yamasaki didn't like what he saw and disqualified Silva for landing illegal blows to the back of Prater's head.

UFC 142 Results: Carlo Prater defeats Erick Silva by disqualification due to illegal blows at :29 of round 1.

UFC announcer Joe Rogan called for several replays to be shown to the crowd after the fight and openly disagreed with the call.

"I have great respect for the referee, but I see that most of them hit the side of the head, not the back of the head," Silva told Rogan in the Octagon post-fight.

"I'm not a judge. I didn't stop the fight. All I know is that he hit me and it sent a shock of pain through my body unlike anything I've ever experienced. I don't know if the shots were legal. I just know it was unlike anything I've ever felt," Prater said after the fight.

"Everyone here knows that wasn't intentional. I don't know what else to say," said Silva.

For his part, UFC president Dana White made no bones about disagreeing with the call:

BS call for Erick Silva
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Silva's manager, long-time MMA legend Wallid Ismael pulled even fewer punches in his comments about the fight, "this referee, Mario Yamasaki, he's a clown. He never was somebody and never will be somebody. You have to understand that you are a nobody, Mario Yamasaki, you don't exist.," Ismael said in a video posted on YouTube.

"We're going to pay him like he won the fight," White told MMA Junkie.

"I would appeal it if I was him," White said. "The thing is that when you do it, Ratner is the guy to talk to about this. We try to run things the way that they're supposed to be run, like the athletic commission would.

"Listen, there are refs out there like Steve Mazzagatti that are just plain bad. He's a bad ref. He's got no business in the ring. But you've got guys like Mario Yamasaki and some of the other guys that are going to make mistakes. There's nothing wrong with making mistakes. There's nothing wrong. We're [expletive] human. We're going to do it. But you have to be able to go back and say, 'We made a mistake. Here's the proof. Let's overturn it.'"

White is hoping to get instant reply for all UFC events.