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UFC 142 Results: Anthony Johnson Likely Cut From UFC, Says Dana White

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In the aftermath of a missed weight cut and first-round loss to Vitor Belfort at UFC 142, Anthony Johnson was released from the UFC.

Anthony Johnson
Anthony Johnson

Anthony Johnson's time with the UFC has likely come to an end.

After missing weight by 11 pounds on Friday, and subsequently succumbing to Vitor Belfort in the first round of UFC 142's co-headliner, Johnson's fate was sealed by UFC President Dana White.

"To be honest, we're probably going to cut him after this event," White bluntly stated. "Three strikes and you're out."

The news is unfortunate but expected for Johnson, a talented fighter whose constant weight struggles -- including missed cuts at UFC 76 and UFC 106 -- led to a jump to the UFC's 185-pound division. Nonetheless, "Rumble" weighed-in at 197 pounds at Friday's UFC 142 weigh-ins and reportedly required medical attention due to another failed cut.

Caught under a flood of negative attention, Johnson was in dire need of an impressive performance on Saturday night. Yet despite some early successes, the 27-year-old ultimately met his end via a Belfort rear-naked choke in round one's closing moments.

"This is his third time that he hasn't made weight," White said. "He's the co-main event in a huge fight down here in Brazil. This one was a bad one."

If Johnson exits the UFC, he does so with a 7-4 record and highlight reel of spectacular knockout victories, including finishes of Charlie Brenneman, Yoshiyuki Yoshida, Kevin Burns and Tommy Speer.