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Dana White UFC 142 Video Blog: Day Two

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The camera follows UFC president Dana White as he takes a helicopter to the HSBC Arena in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil for the UFC 142 weigh ins. Much drama ensues as Dana has to inform Vitor Belfort that his opponent Anthony Johnson won't be making weight.

A drawn, dehydrated Belfort knaws a towel, audibly tearing the fabric with his teeth as he weighs his decision -- make weight and get 20% of Johnson's purse or rehydrate immediately, not worry about the weight and not get the bonus. Vitor calls in a coach to help him decide.

Ultimately Belfort elects to make weight and take the 20%.

"I'm a professional," Belfort repeatedly tells White and UFC CEO Lorenzo Fertitta.

Later, White confronts Anthony Johnson who tries to explain what happened with his botched weigh in. At one point Ferttita is heard saying that Johnson came as close as a pound and 1/2 over the 185 pound limit before he had to have an emergency rehydration.