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UFC 142 Fight Card Breakdown: Vitor Belfort Vs. Anthony Johnson

Predictions and preview for UFC 142's Vitor Belfort vs. Anthony Johnson. Nate Wilcox breaks down every aspect of the bout.

Middleweights Vitor Belfort (20-9, 9-5 UFC) and Anthony Johnson (10-3, 7-3 UFC) meet in the co-main event of UFC 142 at the HSBC Arena in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Johnson came into yesterday's weigh-ins unable to make the 185lb middleweight limit. He weighed in at 197lbs and has to weigh in at less than 205lbs tonight or the fight will be cancelled.

Former light heavyweight champ Belfort made his UFC debut in 1997 at the age of 19. He's 34 now and he's basically the same-old Vitor: capable of throwing chains of straight punches with great power but with a tendency to wilt if the fight doesn't go his way.

Johnson, a former welterweight who consistently struggled to make the 170lb limit, is a skilled former collegiate wrestler who brings a considerable amount of power in his punches and kicks along with the take downs.

Johnson's camp claims he failed to make weight due to medical issues that arose as he tried to cut the final few pounds. Fluid pumped into his body before he weighed in is presumed to account for most of the weight in excess of the limit.

Johnson will have a considerable size advantage but it remains to be seen how effected he will be by the aftereffects of the failed weight cut.

Aspect Belfort Points Johnson Advantage
Range Fighting

Boxing Punches Like Pistons 2 Bomber Belfort
Kickboxing Solid 1 Very Good Johnson
Wrestling Limited 1 Very Good Johnson
Clinch Fighting
Dirty Boxing Dangerous 0 Dangerous Tie
Thai Clinch Very Good 1 Insane Johnson
Throws/Trips Ok 1 Very Good Johnson
Ground Fighting

Positional Control Ok 1 Very Good Johnson
Scrambling Ok 1 Good Johnson
Ground and Pound Dangerous 0 Dangerous Tie
Submissions Submissions? 1 Submissions??? Belfort
Intangibles Sometimes Wilts 1 Blew His Weight Cut Belfort
Overall Old 4/6 Older Johnson

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