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ESPN Publishes Story On UFC Fighter Pay, Dana White Plans Response

New, 46 comments published an article today questioning whether UFC fighters outside of superstars are paid enough by the Ultimate Fighting Championship. The article's basic premise is it's true fighting in the UFC is the best option for MMA fighters and that popular UFC fighters can make a heft salary. But newer or less popular fighters face a much more grim financial reality. I won't re-hash the entire article, so go read it for yourself. It's a co-authored piece by Josh Gross (who has a contentious relationship with White) and John Barr. There were will an additional video component to the article, which will air as part of Outside The Lines this Sunday.

What's notable is the ferocious response UFC President Dana White had on Twitter today with Matthew Goldstein of The Fighting Post. Conversation after the jump.

We'll see where this goes. In all of my years of public relations, I did this once. I filmed a documentary film crew who the people I was working for at the time felt had significant impact with their reports and were potentially unfair. Our taping of an interview with the head of my company was taped by me. This had the effect of somewhat mitigating the impacts of the eventual documentary video. Zuffa may be surprised that the videos are more tempered than they anticipate (or maybe not). But clearly they're not pleased about undesirable consequences this report could have.

More on this story as it develops.