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Dana White UFC 142 Video Blog: Day One

It's fight week, so of course that means one thing: blog week.

As usual, UFC President Dana White treated fight fans to another edition of his video blog series, with this installment taking a look back at the year-end celebration of UFC 141.

No surprises here, the video opens up with a behind-the-scenes look at the post-fight aftermath of UFC 141 fighters. As exhausted combatants have their gloves removed, the scene flashes to the arrival of the Diaz brothers, Nick and Nate, along with Gilbert Melendez and the Cesar Gracie team, before shifting to a noteworthy contrast of the headlining locker rooms. Keeping in mind that hindsight is 20/20, Alistair Overeem's atmosphere appears markedly relaxed, while Brock Lesnar's seems to be stanchly tense.

We then move on to an odd and somewhat merciless juxtaposition of victory and defeat, as an elated Johny Hendricks celebrates like a man who just won the lottery while a crestfallen and despondent Jon Fitch gazes down at the floor mere feet away.

The action wraps up with an attentive White running to Diaz in the aftermath of his brawl with Donald Cerrone and alerting the Stocktonian to "Get up there with the ref," before adding, "Be cool everybody, be cool," and waiting with trepidation as the two warriors meet once more in the center of the cage. Seconds later White can finally let down his guard and offer a gasp of relief, "Alright, they just hugged."

Finally, as would only be fitting, the clip ends with a parting shot of a beaten Lesnar walking away from the crowds, the cage, and the sport itself, straight into the sunset of retirement.