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Joe Son, UFC 4 Veteran And 'Austin Powers' Actor, Sentenced To Life In Prison

Joseph Hyungmin Son, also known as Joe Son, received a sentence of life in prison on Friday for his role in the 1990 abduction and rape of an unnamed 20-year-old woman. According to a press release from the Orange County District Attorney, Son was found guilty of one felony count of torture with a possibility of parole.

The incident occurred at approximately 12:30 a.m. on December 24th, 1990 in Huntington Beach, California. The victim was out walking her dog when Son and his accomplice, Santiago Lopez Gaitan, abducted the woman at gunpoint, after which he "repeatedly raped, sodomized, and forced Jane Doe to orally copulate him in the back of the car. He also penetrated her vagina with a firearm."

Before the sentence was issued, the victim gave this statement in court, per the district attorney's release.

"The post traumatic stress disorder is with me daily as I have triggers that set me off. I feel debilitating fear come over me and am convinced a hand is coming from behind again. My emotional scars are intense. My twenties were stripped from my life as I relearned how to walk, see, hear and cope with the outside world again. Joseph Son not only cost me my job at my salon but also my college savings... not to mention the impact it's made on celebrating Christmas year after year."

Son is best known by mixed martial arts fans for his exploits in the early era of the UFC. Infamous for creating his own martial art -- Joe Son Do -- the 40-year-old battled just once inside the Octagon, losing to Keith Hackney after incurring a brutal series of groin strikes.

Son parlayed the notoriety into a brief actor career, playing the role of "Random Task" in the 1997 movie "Austin Powers."