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UFC 135 VIDEO: Rampage Jackson Questions Jon Jones' Power

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In the teaser video below, former UFC light heavyweight champion Quinton Jackson claims not only does current UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones lack power, he also lacks the basic fundamental stance to give him power. There's probably something to the idea Jones doesn't possess the raw, brute power of Rampage. I suspect that's probably true. But that misses the fundamental essence of what makes Jones' striking so potent.

However, Jones is hurting opposition with strikes. He isn't MMA's version of Paulie Malignaggi. Jones excels through diversity and explosive surprise. Many of his biggest, most powerful strikes are the unorthodox variety. You'll recall Mauricio Rua said the very first knee he ate in his title fight with Jones affected his entire performance. Can Jones throw a harder knee than Rampage? Maybe, maybe not. But that's not the issue. The issue is Jones can throw a sufficiently hard and fast knee often when opposition least expect it or are unprepared to defend.

If you consider the timing, odd angles and strange distances Jones throws strikes from in addition to his mix of wrestling or control positions, it's no wonder Jones' striking is often devastating.

I'm curious about Rampage's statement that he can walk through Jones' strikes. Rampage does possess a legendary chin and has demonstrated a willingness to push through this type of fire for striking gains. On its face it seems like dubious strategy, but the key knock on Jones is his lack of adversity. He's fought incredibly tough fighters, but mowed them down. No one has ever hurt him in a fight yet, forcing him to rally. Rampage might absorb a ton of damage wading through Jones' strikes, but what if that's the key to connecting on Jones' chin?

It should also be noted the 'can't bust a grape' line from Jackson has been used, by him, on multiple occasions.