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UFC 137: Greg Jackson Refuses To Train St. Pierre And Condit For Championship Bout

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With the addition of Carlos Condit to the main event of UFC 137 against Georges St. Pierre, a new set of problems has arisen for both fighters. In a situation similar to the recent scuffle between Rashad Evans and Jon Jones, both Condit and St. Pierre currently train under the tutelage of renowned mixed martial arts trainer Greg Jackson. Thus, to avoid an incident like the one that messily ended with Evans leaving his camp earlier this year, Jackson has instituted a new policy to deal with the situation.

In an interview with MMA Fighting, Jackson explained that he has decided to sit this one out.

Teammate protocols are pretty clear in this situation so everybody knows what happening. I step out, the other coaches -- John [Danaher], Phil [Nurse] and Firas [Zahabi] -- will take care of GSP and probably [Mike] Winkeljohn and some of the other guys here will take care of Carlos. But I step out of it, so I won't be cornering either guy.

I am just not going to do game plans and private lessons and everything that I normally do for the guys because usually it's a pretty intense process -- I give them private lessons all the time -- heavy on the game planning, heavy on the personal growth plan, and for this, I'll just let the other coaches do that for both Georges and Carlos.