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UFC 137: Jon Fitch Ready To Fight B.J. Penn Or Nick Diaz

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Tommy Myers of MMA Nation reached out to UFC welterweight Jon Fitch for his take on the removal of Nick Diaz from the main event at UFC 137. Specifically, would he be ready or even willing to face B.J. Penn now that the Hawaiian lacked an opponent. The answer was an emphatic yes.

'We told the UFC that I'll be ready and willing to fight either B.J. Penn or Nick Diaz,' Fitch told MMA Nation tonight.

Fitch first fought Penn at UFC 127 in Australia, but the fight ended in a draw. He was then scheduled to rematch Penn at UFC 132, but was forced to withdraw due to shoulder injury and subsequent surgery. He recently was cleared to begin training again after shoulder surgery and openly eyed a slot on the UFC 139 card. 

Penn has remained quiet on Twitter, simply Tweeting news but not offering any commentary about potential opposition.