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VIDEO: Bellator's Season 5 Preview On

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Honestly, does anyone truly believe Bellator's long-rumored move to Spike is all but a formality at this point? Above is the season five preview trailer now available on You'll notice the Spike watermark in the lower righthand side of the screen. Without fading into territory of overreach, the overlapping of the Spike and Bellator brands, visually speaking, sends quite a message.

What you'll notice beyond that, though, is this 15-minute video not only previews the fifth season of Bellator, but does so with Spike's trimmings. I am not certain Spike produced this piece, but it certainly looks that way. Archival footage aside, the fighter testimonials are shot in Spike-esque way (that means from style to the video standard employed). And if it isn't produced by Spike, all that means is the Bellator folks already have the look and feel to make an easy transition over to the Spike platform.

Oh yeah, and the fifth season is shaping up to be rather good, too.