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VIDEO: First UFC Promotion Aired During MLB On Fox

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Despite all the talk about mixed marital arts' impending status as a mainstream sport, it's still hard for a lot of us to envision what that really means.

Well over the weekend the world caught its first glimpse of the implications, as the UFC on Fox was promoted midway through Saturday afternoon's Texas Rangers - Boston Red Sox game.

The promo is just the first of many that will presumably litter Fox Sports productions after the network giant signed a landmark multi-year deal to broadcast the UFC. Across the NFL, MLB, and even Nascar, casual sports fans really have no idea what's about to hit them.

And while it's very clear that both men in this clip have no actual idea what they're promoting, it gives me an oddly smug sense of satisfaction to see our sport impede into their old-timey world, even if only for a brief moment. Welcome to the next seven years gentlemen.

HT: MMA Scraps