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Charlie Brenneman Loves Fighting On Free TV, Talks 'Rumble' Johnson On The Fight Fix

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'The Spaniard' Charlie Brenneman talks about his upcoming fight with Anthony Johnson at UFC on Versus 6 on CSN Washington's The Fight Fix.

Dustin Green Charlie Brenneman
Dustin Green Charlie Brenneman

Host Dustin Green of CSN Washington's 'The Fight Fix' is back this week gearing up for the UFC's first show in Washington, DC: UFC on Versus 6. In this installment of the show, Green sits down with that event's main card participant Charlie Brenneman. 'The Spainard' discusses his preference for fighting on free television, Johnson's size as a welterweight and much more.

Green also teases an upcoming segment on the show where he visits the top MMA gym in the DC area: Team Lloyd Irvin.

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1:01, on the reaction from his friends/family after the Rick Story fight: "It's been awesome.  Immediately, like my immediate friends and family, I don't wanna say we knew, but we had a good feeling that I had that potential.  It was just great to show everyone else that and that's been the biggest thing.  Just the reaction that I've gotten from the fans and finally, not that I need the respect of everyone, but it feels good putting in all that hard work to finally get that respect."

1:37, on there being opportunity at 170 & whether or not he's in position to take advantage: "Absolutely man.  To be put in that opportunity with Story that kind of fast-tracked me at least 2 fights that I would've had to win and then fight someone of his caliber.  It really helped out.  My next fight in D.C. with Anthony Johnson that's another gigantic opportunity.  If I can win that, then it's like 'Okay, it's real now.'  Now it's against the top guys from there on out."

2:11, on combating Jonson's size: "I think it's been proven how to combat his size in his losses and that's exactly what I'm gonna do.  He's a huge person, but the bottom line is I choose to be at 170, he chooses to be at 170.  We'll both weigh-in.  I'll have my game plan.  I'll have my strategy and I have a really big heart."

2:41, on fighting on free TV: "I was just having a conversation on the way over here in the cab.  Pay-per-view I guess has this aura of the big, big time, but to be honest man, if put me on free TV and I can be shown to millions and millions of people, I can start to build that.  Give me the ingredients and I'll do the rest.  I'll do the building of the fan base.  It's pretty awesome."

3:00, on what the fans will see when he fights Johnson: "They can see a really little guy take down a really big guy."