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The Ultimate Fighter 14 Episode 2 Recap: 'Everybody Is Friends At First'

Akira Corassini blogs about his experiences on the second episode of The Ulimate Fighter Season 14: Miller vs. Bisping.

Akira Corassani
Akira Corassani

Hey everyone! We just had another viewing party at Bar 157 in NYC for Ep 2. Team Bisping!

First we had a meeting about moving into the house. No breaking anything and fights in the house. We would be kicked out right away if we fought in the house. Just basic manners. Don't be animals and behave. When we moved in the house it was just a shock. Everyone was like WOW. This big mansion with pool tables and a big pool outside. Everyone was just excited after their win and there was a very good energy when we first got into the house. It was like space camp. I felt 15 years old again.

Everybody is friends at first but also checking everybody out. Then there's the whole team thing with the picks. It's like that movie The Experiment with the prisoners and guards. People got attitude right away. Guys would tell you not to come in here or there because we were on different teams. I wasn't paying much attention to it anyway because I knew we would all be fighting each other in the future anyway. That's how it goes. I never had this you vs. me or team vs. team feeling. I knew I was there for myself and the training partners. I had the mindset that at the end of the day I'm not here to make friends I'm here to smash people. If I made friends it was a bonus.

It was a surprise to see Miller come over with the suits. I don't know what that was. There's so much technology in this business now and for me it just looked like a couple of BS suits. It looked like one of those Ivan Drago in Rocky things. It doesn't matter what you do. It's much deeper than sitting in a suit. It's a spiritual thing and believing in yourself.

I was the second pick for Bisping. He told me that I was up there with his first or second pick but he had a feeling Miller would not pick me because I squirted water on him after I won my fight. I know Miller from before and was trying to hit a camera. So he said he took a chance between me and Diego. I was very happy to be on Bisping's team because of his mentality. I trained with Miller in 2006 and when I heard he was going to be a coach I said oh maybe I could be on his team. But I just liked Bisping's mentality and I've been training a lot in Liverpool for my camps. I know how the English are.

His coaching staff is amazing. The coaches were doing an amazing job right off the bat. Bisping has been training since he was seven years old in different martial arts and he comes with a lot of experience.

He is much more knowledgeable in coaching and fighting than Miller. Miller is a straight jiu jitsu guy. Bisping and his whole staff are an amazing mix of guys with experience in MMA but if you look at Miller's team you just had Miller, a striker, and a wrestler. They didn't have someone like Tiki.

I wrote that song during the weigh in with Josh Ferguson. I wasn't at all involved in the "bitch" part. That was Josh and Marcus that wanted that. I was the guy saying should we really use that? Marcus himself was like hell yea. We have to do that, I want that. I wrote the first verse and Ferguson wrote the second. Bryan Caraway is a very emotional and nervous guy. Nervous Nancy was a good nickname for him. His biggest opponent is himself so he's fighting himself. He has a lot of experience. He has like 20 fights and has fought in the WEC but his fight didn't look good. Marcus has four fights and if he had a little more experience he would have literally knocked him out. He was just making small mistakes by being too aggressive. The coaches were yelling at him not to run in. He just needed to be cool and calm. For me Marcus looked like a winner. Mark my words he's going to make a big boom in the MMA scene.

Watch for me with Dustin Neace next week. With 16 guys with egos and testosterone going you are not going to be able to love everybody. You will have to tune in to see what happens but I basically tell him that if I connect one time it's game over for you. A little joke became a big drama. Stay tuned.

I promise it's going to be a great season guys so please keep watching and remember we are all one world. We are all one.

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