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Bellator 51 Ratings: 158,000 Viewers Tune In, Second Straight Week Of Underwhelming Ratings

Thus far Bellator's fifth season has brought plenty of excitement, yet you wouldn't know it by looking at the ratings. According to reports from MMA Junkie, Saturday's second episode, Bellator 51, garnered just 158,000 viewers -- the fourth worst showing since the promotion partnered with MTV2. Bellator officials confirmed the news on Tuesday.

Facing direct competition from UFC 135 and college football, it was Bellator's second week in a row of meager numbers. The poor ratings come immediately on the heels of Bellator 50, which marked a low point for the promotion. Again competing directly against UFC Fight Night 25 and NCAA football, Bellator 50 acquired a record-low 114,000 viewers.

Bellator 51 was held September 24th at Ohio's Canton Memorial Civic Center, and headlined by a quartet of quarterfinal matchups for the season five bantamweight tournament.

Ratings rankings of MTV2-televised Bellator shows:

Bellator 44: 325,000 viewers
Bellator 47: 277,000 viewers
Bellator 45: 264,000 viewers
Bellator 49: 235,000 viewers
Bellator 36: 230,000 viewers
Bellator 48: 226,000 viewers
Bellator 40: 218,000 viewers
Bellator 35: 200,000 viewers
Bellator 42: 199,000 viewers
Bellator 46: 185,000 viewers
Bellator 43: 182,000 viewers
Bellator 39: 174,000 viewers
Bellator 37: 173,000 viewers
Bellator 51: 158,000 viewers
Bellator 38: 150,000 viewers
Bellator 41: 132,000 viewers
Bellator 50: 114,000 viewers