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VIDEO: Anderson Silva Continues To Crossover In Brazil

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Anderson Silva continues to crossover in his native Brazil, starring in a music video with pop sensation Marisa Monte. The classically trained singer is a music legend in her native Brazil, selling millions of records with her blend of interesting sounds.


In recent months, Silva has gone mainstream in a big way, signing major endorsement deals with Nike, Burger King and a host of others. This is another feather in his cap, as the aging fighter finally makes his mark at home after being a star in both Japan and the United States for years.


The 36 year old Silva, who defended his title in Brazil for the first time earlier this year against Yushin Okami, is recovering from an injury. He will likely be out of action until the spring of 2012, when he is expected to fight the winner of the UFC 136 fight between Chael Sonnen and Brian Stann.