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UFC's Dominick Cruz And Mike Easton Talk UFC On Versus 6 On The Fight Fix

The Fight Fix is back and sits down with UFC bantamweight champion Dominick Cruz as well as UFC newcomer Mike Easton to talk their upcoming fights at UFC on Versus 6.

Fight Fix UFC on Versus 6
Fight Fix UFC on Versus 6

Host Dustin Green is back this week with another edition of The Fight Fix. This time he sits down with UFC bantamweight champion Dominick Cruz before his title fight this weekend at UFC on Versus 6 to talk fighting on free TV and the challenge of fighting Demetrious Johnson.

Green also talks to UFC newcomer and DC's own Mike Easton. Easton talks about his two-year layoff, fighting in his hometown and much more.

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Dominick Cruz

:26 secs, on defending the title in front of a nationwide audience on free TV: "I'm real excited about it because I know it's gonna be on free TV.  I know it's gonna get to a whole different audience because of that.  This is the first fight at the Verizon Center.  I know there's a lot of fans out here in D.C. and I get to come out here and train with Team Lloyd Irvin every here and there and train with Mike Easton over here.  I know that I got a lot of support out here so I'm pumped."

1:00, on combating Demetrius Johnson's game: "I think that I have a different style that's hard to deal with for people too.  I move just as much as he does.  People have a hard time gettin' a hand on me.  I'm quick too.  I have a size advantage on him.  When everything's said and done, I still have a 6-inch reach advantage on him that he has to figure out how out get past.  I know how ot use my range and I think that's what's gonna make the difference in this fight."

Mike Easton, 10-1, making his UFC debut at UFC Live 6

1:30, on combating possible nerves from his 1st UFC fight & ring rust: "Yes, I've had a 2 year layoff, but within that 2 years, I've gotten healthier.  Everyone else is fighting, gettin' beat up.  I've been abel to study guys, focus on their little mistakes, and just watch them and see all the things I can take advantage of.  I'm ready man.  I train with Dominick Cruz, the champ.  He's always in shape, pushes me to another level.  I'm just ready: ready to show the world what I got."