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VIDEO: Bellator 51's Alexis Vila Drops Joe Warren, Complete Fight

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Bellator, the promotion with the enlightened social media strategy has shared the complete 1:17 of Alexis Vila vs. Joe Warren from this Saturday's Bellator 51. Warren, Bellator's featherweight champ and one of the top Greco-Roman wrestlers in the world entered this season's bantamweight tournament hoping to become a two division champ. 

Those dreams were dashed by Vila. Here's Jackie Maden's account from Bloody Elbow:

Round one:  Vila opens with a head kick that's blocked.  Warren is swinging hard but Vila is out of reach.  Vila connects and staggers Warren, then lands a beautiful right that knocks Warren out cold!!  Holy crap, that was a fantastic punch!  Alexis Vila def. Joe Warren via KO, 1:04 of round one