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ADCC 2011 Results From Day Two

Results from Day Two of ADCC 2011 at Nottingham, England.

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Superfight: Ze Mario Sperry def. Renzo Gracie on points, 5-0.


Men's ADCC Absolute Division


Andre Galvao def. Pablo Popovitch by toehold.

Third place:

Alexandre Ribeiro def. Murilo Santana on points, 2-0. 


Pablo Popovitch def. Alexandre Ribeiro by referee's decision.

Andre Galvao def. Murilo Santana by Santana incurring negative points for pulling guard.


Alexandre Ribeiro def. Gunnar Nelson on points.

Murilo Santana def. Vinny Magalhaes by referee's decision.

Andre Galvao def. Sergio Moraes on points.

Pablo Popovitch def. Victor Estima on points.

Round of 16:

Andre Galvao def. Shinzo Ansai by technical submission (RNC until asleep) at 5:53.

Sergio Moraes def. Antonio Neto by heelhook at 1:03.

Murilo Santana def. Marko Helen by armlock at 12:59.

Vinny Magalhaes def. Bruno Bastos on points.

Alexandre Ribeiro def. Jeff Monson by disqualification.

Gunnar Nelson def. Bruno Frazzato on points.

Pablo Popovitch def. Janne-Pekka Pietilainen on points.

Victor Estima def. Joao Assis on points.


Men's 66 kg Division


Rafael Mendes def. Rubens Charles due to Charles incurring a negative point for pulling guard.

Third place:

Jeff Glover def. Robson Moura by guillotine at 8:40.


Rafael Mendes def. Robson Moura on points.

Rubens Charles def. Jeff Glover on points.


Men's 77 kg Division


Marcelo Garcia def. Leo Vieira by triangle at 3:52. 

Third place:

Kron Gracie def. Claudio Calasans by guillotine at 16:56.


Marcelo Garcia def. Kron Gracie on points.

Leo Vieira def. Claudio Calasans on points.


Men's 88 kg Division


Andre Galvao def. Rousimar Palhares on points.

Third place:

Pablo Popovitch def. Rafael Lovato Jr. on points.


Rousimar Palhares def. Rafael Lovato Jr. by heelhook at 6:12.

Andre Galvao def. Pablo Popovitch on points.



Men's 99 kg Division


Dean Lister def. Joao Assis by leglock at 15:38.

Third place:

Alexandre Ribeiro def. Antonio Peinado on points (Rodolfo Viera sustained an injury in Lister match and Peinado substituted).


Dean Lister def. Rodolfo Viera by heelhook at 1:35.
Joao Assis def. Alexandre Ribeiro on points.



Men's +99 kg Division


Vinny Magalhaes def. Fabricio Werdum on points.

Third place:

Roberto de Abreau def. Gerardi Rinaldi by kneebar at 0:36.


Fabricio Werdum def. Roberto de Abreau on points.

Vinny Magalhaes def. Gerardi Rinaldi on points.


Women's 60 kg Division


Kyra Gracie def. Michelle Nicolini by omoplata at 13:39.

Third place:

Luana Alzuguir def. Hashi Takayo by kneebar at 4:12.


Michelle Nicolini def. Luana Alzuguir by referee's decision.

Kyra Gracie def. Hashi Takayo by guillotine.


Women's +60 kg Division


Gabrielle Garcia def. Hannette Staack on points.

Third place:

Ida Hanssen def. Penny Thomas by kneebar at 6:11.


Gabrielle Garcia def. Penny Thomas by choke at 6:01.

Hannette Staack def. Ida Hanssen by heelhook at 9:20.


Note: A couple of corrections should be made to the results from Day One. Gerardi Rinaldi def. Janne-Pekka Pietilainen by points. Cat Zingano did not make weight for the women's 60 kg division and was replaced by Vanessa English, who Luana Alzuguir defeated by kneebar.