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ADCC 2011 Absolute Division Final Results: Andre Galvao Finishes Popovitch Early And Caps Off An Amazing Run

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Andre Galvao vs. Pablo Popovitch- A rematch of an earlier fight from this weekend and this time it's for the absolute division championship.  Andre Galvao goes in early for a takedown but it's shrugged off.  Popovitch slapping Galvao's head quite a few times and Galvao picks up a high single and goes for a trip, the trip misses but the single hits.

Popovitch on his back against Galvao in half guard.  Pablo is able to roll Andre up into deep half guard now and Galvao stands up and places the knee across Popovitch's throat.  Galvao steps over Popovitch and dives for a toe hold and holy crap it hits and Pablo taps immediately.

Andre Galvao is your ADCC 2011 Absolute World Champion.

The jiu jitsu world has to be aware of the resurgence of Galvao, he's burst onto the tournament scene after taking a break from MMA and has absolute killed it over and over again with consistently impressive performances; Andre's wrestling is one of the most obvious improvements in his game as he managed to hit an arm drag to single leg repeatedly on almost anyone who stood with him.

Congratulations to Andre Galvao on a well deserved win and I for one cannot wait to see him fight Braulio Estima at ADCC 2013.