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ADCC 2011 Absolute Division Semifinal Results: Galvao Continues His Winning Ways Over Santana, Pablo Popovitch Outbores Xande.

Xande Ribeiro vs. Pablo Popovitch- Xande sits to half guard and Pablo obliges him and comes in.  Xande working grips on the far arm while Pablo keeps inside.  Pablo stands and pushes Xande flat coming down in Xande's butterfly guard.  They stand, Pablo engages into a shallow half guard.  They scramble and Popovitch stands up, may have gotten kicked or something I'm not sure.  Might also just be really really tired.  Grip fighting and then back to the half guard.  Xande finally manages to lock up a closed guard.  Xande and Popovitch standing again in what I believe is overtime, Pablo goes for an outside leg trip to a double leg but Xande moves out of it.  Xande shooting in but misses the single.  Pablo going for quite a few take downs on Xande but none stick as Xande sees them coming from a mile off.  Xande shoots but Pablo shrugs it off and keeps Xande at a distance.  Time is called and let's see what the judges say as both guys raise their hands and the score is tied.  Who will go on to face Galvao... and it's Popovitch.

Andre Galvao vs. Murilo Santana- Andre taking shots at Murilo but nothing landing yet.  Galvao dragging Murilo down after coming up with a single.  Murilo working a deep inside half guard and trying to get under Galvao as Galvao moves around to the side to step over.  Murilo working a nice butterfly guard now but Andre is able to stand up out and get back into top half guard.  Murilo comes up into a sitting guard and then back down into butterfly.  Murilo pulls the leg through and tries to get to the back but ends up coming up in Andre's closed guard.  Galvao working closed guard on Santana but unable to really get anything solid going after a short attempt at taking the back from an arm drag.  Time is called and Galvao takes it as Murilo has -2 for sitting guard, very close contest and Andre continues his dream run towards the double gold.