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ADCC 2011 Absolute Division Third Place Results: Xande Gets That Takedown On Murilo Finally

Murilo Santana vs. Xande Ribeiro- This is for the bronze medal of the absolute division.  The mat is mopped down and we're just about ready to go.  Murilo and Xande squaring off and Xande chooses to sit down immediately as Murilo enters into the butterfly guard.  Murilo clasping his hands behind Xande's hips and working to pass.  Xande is now in full guard after he kicked his left leg up and out.  Big triangle attempt from Xande and Murilo falls backwards and ends up going out and Murilo is going for a heel hook now as Xande tries to rotate out.  Murilo sitting up and Xande is out of danger, back to a leg lock position we go as Xande lays back and Murilo stays sitting.  Xande comes up on the top from the leg lock attempts and Murilo working with a half butterfly guard and under over control on Xande. 

Full butterfly for Murilo now and then back to closed guard.  Murilo shoots for a triangle, Xande postures and stands up and Murilo works to reverse De La Riva and tries for a foot but Xande goes over and slices with the knee allowing Murilo into deep half guard.  Murilo working both butterfly hooks inside the deep half leg now and possibly going to try to slide out to the back, he does go for it and went for a leg lock but Xande stands and slips away. 

Murilo sitting now and Xande standing. Xande back in the full butterfly of Murilo and Xande works in double underhooks and is looking to turn the corner and pass guard.  Murilo back to an open guard and reverse De La Riva, he sits up and tries to get through to the foot lock, Xande stepped over!  Huge move for Xande but he missed his chance at the triangle as Murilo moved through and is back in open guard.  Xande pressing both legs down now as Murilo shows off some serious flexibility.  Xande sort of stood and Murilo went to the back and rolled over but Xande kinda of reversed out of bounds and into a scarf hold.  They'll reset position and it looks like they're letting Xande start in scarf hold.  Some argument over the starting position is ensuing.

It looks like Xande will start in a scarf hold... or not... I guess as the match gets started as both fighters standing again.  Xande shoots in and singles Murilo, Santana unable to come up and Xande clamps down on the knees.  That takedown wins the match.  Xande is the bronze medal winner of the absolute division.