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ADCC 2011 Absolute Division Results: Moraes Taps Neto, Galvao Chokes Out Ansai, More

Antonio Braga Neto vs. Sergio Moraes- Moraes pulls to a kneebar, Neto escapes and comes up way high on top of Moraes.  Moraes goes to a heel hook and taps Braga Neto out, wow, bad weekend for Neto and his legs.

Andre Galvao vs. Shinzo Ansai- Ansai wearing the Andre the Giant singlet goes for a single leg and has a hold of Galvao's leg.  Galvao gets out and sits to guard.  Galvao stands and arm drags, switches to the single leg and comes up on the hips to the back, arms around the back of Ansai now.  Galvao drops to drag Ansai down and Galvao is on the back of Ansai now, one hook in and the choke being worked on.  Galvao trying hard to choke out Ansai, still one hook in.  Galvao with a body triangle now and it's tight.  Galvao gets the choke and Ansai doesn't tap, Ansai goes out, Andre Galvao wins.

Round 2: Victor Estima vs. Pablo Popovitch- Victor sits to guard and works into half guard on Popovitch.  Closed guard for Victor now and he's working towards a Shawn Williams guard but abandons it.  Victor with a sweet sweep setup to a toe hold attempt but Popovitch escapes.  Popovitch back on top in half guard.  Victor with another toe hold attempt.  Half guard again and back to open guard, Popovitch tries to hop over but doesn't make it as Victor is able to keep open guard.  Lots of scrambles ensuing between these two as Popovitch really wants the pass but Victor keeps successfully inverting and getting back to guard.  Victor just got poked in the eye and then face planted.  Short break on that mat.  Pablo Popovitch moves on winning on points.