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ADCC 2011 Superfight Results: Renzo Gracie Loses A Slip And Slide Match With Mario Sperry

Renzo Gracie vs. Mario Sperry- Initial collar tie from Mario thrown off by Renzo.  Sperry really seeming like the much stronger fighter here and eventually drags Renzo down to turtle guard with a head snatch.  Sperry rotates around to the side of Renzo and tries to put a hook in and roll but fails.  Renzo rolls into open guard and Sperry keeping an aggressive forward hip pressure on Renzo.  Renzo working half butterfly it looks like and trying to keep Sperry at a good distance.  Renzo using his feet well and enters into half guard when Sperry dives.  Renzo back to open guard with his knees inside, Renzo back to a partial butterfly and the match gets restarted in the center of the mat.  Renzo keeping a knee shield up to avoid the unrelenting pressure of Sperry.  We're now in the point zone so both fighters need to really work to create a passing or sweeping situation. 

Renzo really doing well keeping Sperry in front of his legs by keeping mobile on his hips.  Sperry just really keeping his game on Renzo and not allowing Renzo to start any real offensive techniques because Sperry keeps him working to defend the pass.

We've finally got into an established half guard position with Sperry on top flattening Renzo out but Renzo is able to hip escape back to open guard and went for a leg but Sperry slipped right out.  Sperry crushing down again on the open guard, Sperry trying to work double unders to pass but can't.  Renzo went up to a single but Sperry scrambles away. 

Renzo and Sperry standing now and A HUGE sprawl by Sperry as Renzo slipped forward and a gigantic faceplant by Renzo.  Overtime was just called.

Start of overtime now as both men work a collar tie.  Sperry works in an under over control and forces Renzo down after Renzo tried to seio-nage and slipped off.  Sperry sitting back and pulling Renzo into back control with one hook in and a seat belt control.  Renzo counters and takes off the hook as both men come to the feet again.

Time called so the mats can be wiped down, they were slipping and sliding everywhere. 

The match restarts and it's back to collar ties, Sperry every so often trying to get an over under control going, from the over under control Sperry is trying to drag Renzo down but Renzo resisting well.  Renzo shoots in but nothing there as they both come back up.  Sperry repeatedly snatching the head down but Renzo keeps coming up.  Sperry with an over under now. Second overtime is called.

The match restarts and again they exchange collar ties and Sperry tries to rush in for over under but Renzo pummels through and gets double unders briefly before They separate again.  Renzo attempts to wrangle Sperry down and ends up on his back but it was countered.  The match resets and it looks like Sperry got 2 points there on the counter to that throw.  Renzo now down and he has to get something going.  Renzo slips and ends up on his back and we're in half guard with Renzo on the bottom.

Renzo back to open guard with Sperry crushing in, Renzo attempted a brief arm drag but it's too slippery at this point.  Renzo just had his guard passed, said something, not sure what.  Sperry might of just received points for passing guard.  Renzo briefly went for the leg off De La Riva but Sperry wanted nothing of it and rotated out.

Renzo goes up gets a single and puts Sperry down and a huge scramble and heel hook attempt at the buzzer and time is up.  Mario Sperry is the winner on points.