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ADCC 2011 Absolute Division Results: Estima Betters Assis, Nelson Points Frazzato, More

Joao Assis vs. Victor Estima- Victor starting low and tries to pull guard right off the bat scooting into Joao and Joao immediately attacks with a heel hook that Victor rolls free of.  Joao attacking with a heel toe hold now and Victor rolls up on top with his left leg stuck inside.  Joao working a heel hook again but Victor comes up on top.  Victor in top half guard of Joao Assis and trying to pass.  Joao with deep half on Victor now and working the sweep over but Victor trying to attack the far arm and roll it to an armbar potentially.  Victor trying for the reverse triangle now but Assis is holding on as Victor works a kimura grip briefly as well. 

Victor still working to pull his right foot out and get that triangle but Assis is just holding on well in that deep half guard.  Victor gets close to an arm lock but Joao pulls out and comes up on top in Victor's closed guard.  Victor turns to a Shawn Williams guard and then omoplata but turns it into a sweep and comes up on top of Joao.  Joao going for a heel hook again now that they're in the 50/50 and time is called and Victor Estima pulls off the upset and gets the win!!!!!!  Victor Estima moves on to the second round.

Gunnar Nelson vs. Bruno Frazzato- Bruno sits immediately and works after Gunnar's leg with a knee reap and 50/50 setup.  Nelson out as Bruno keeps mobile but Gunnar passes to the side and holds Bruno down.  Short scramble and Frazzato out and back to a sitting guard in front of Nelson.  Frazzato working a loose half guard at a distance before going under Nelson and trying for the leg again.  Bruno going to the back but Nelson gets away.  Bruno trying to pull Gunnar's leg out repeatedly but Gunnar drops back and for the footlock on Frazzato now but they scramble out and Gunnar gets on top.  Bruno still leg hunting against the Viking but can't get something solid going as Gunnar forces him to turtle up.  Gunnar rolls to the back and takes Bruno's back with both hooks in.  Impressive move by Gunnar.  Gunnar with the body triangle now and Bruno guarding up trying to hold on but Gunnar has him flat now. Gunnar wins on points as time is called.  He'll fight the winner of Monson vs. Xande.

Pablo Popovitch vs. Janne-Pekka Pietilainen- Pablo spent the whole match in half guard on top and now he's finally worked over to the back and he has both hooks in with a seat belt control.  Pablo wins on points and will face Victor Estima next.