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ADCC 2011 Men's Under 66kg Finals: Rafael Mendes vs. Rubens "Cobrinha" Charles

In a rematch of ADCC 2009 we have Cobrinha against Rafael Mendes and both guys start off low as I'm sure Cobrinha is anticipating Mendes pulling guard.

Grip fighting between the two lightweight masters as neither has given up a chance for the other to proceed their game yet.  It's a few minutes in and we're still grip fighting as neither fighter is getting anywhere.  The pace increasing as both men try to initiate something on the other but it just seems like every grip gets broken and every tie up gets backed out of.

Cobrinha finally jumps guard and goes for a nice heel hook on Mendes but loses it as Mendes is able to come up and over.  Mendes starting to slide to the back of Cobrinha and now Cobrinha is working to a leg lock and Rafael moves to counter with a leglock of his own.  Into a 50/50 battle we go.

Mendes fighting for a toe hold on Cobrinha but they escape and Mendes tries to get under Cobrinha but they roll into an odd position for Mendes's leg.  Cobrinha with a TIGHT heel hook but Mendes is made of memory foam and isn't tapping as he sets up his own heel hook.  Mendes changing over to a toe hold now and back to a heel hook.

50/50 again and Mendes tries to go under but can't.  Cobrinha working to get out of the 50/50 with no success.  We're back to heel hook attempts from Mendes and Cobrinha both.  Mendes to a toe hold now, Mendes tries to roll inside and under to get a sweep but we go back to the footlocks in 50/50 again.

Cobrinha makes it out of 50/50 finally and well... nevermind back to a leg reap we go and into 50/50 again.  Cobrinha again tries to start passing. 

We're out of 50/50 again and Cobrinha in the open guard of Mendes.  Mendes rolls underneath and we're back in 50/50... I think I might go get some breakfast or something.

Cobrinha standing in 50/50 and Mendes trying to go under for the toe hold, Cobrinha on the heel hook.  One of the guys who's over here watching the tournament just fell asleep. 

Wait.. did it just end?  What happened?  Mendes wins on points apparently and nobody knows where the points came from.  Mendes is your gold medalist in the under 66kg division and there's the explanation as Cobrinha had a negative point for jumping guard in the opening of the final.