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ADCC 2011 Men's Under 77kg Finals: Marcelo Garcia vs. Leo Viera

Viera pulls guard and Marcelo starts laterally passing the half guard using his shins to pin Leo's bottom leg.  Leo locking up Marcelo's far arm to try and stop the pass and work a sweep but Marcelo keeping very level and rotating his hips correctly to try and finish the pass and get out of the half guard. 

Marcelo gets a swift pass and immediate mount, Marcelo has Viera's arm stuck in and Marcelo gets the triangle from the mount and rolls it over and there it goes and he finishes with the triangle on the bottom.

Marcelo is a phenom as he made swift work of almost all of his opponents with some beautiful submissions and passing work this weekend.  Very impressive work from crowd favorite Marcelo Garcia. 

Garcia is now a 4 time ADCC champion and was able to win all of his matches in his weight class this time around with submissions.  With only one real scare as Kron almost had a guillotine on him it looked like Marcelo Garcia just breezed through the opposition with just amazing technical prowess.