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ADCC 2011 Men's Under 88kg Finals: Rousimar Palhares vs. Andre Galvao

Andre Galvao going for an arm drag immediately on the leg maiming machine that is the tree-stump Rousimar Palhares.  Galvao eventually able to get a hold of Palhares but Palhares comes up on top and is immediately on Galvao's leg.  We're into 50/50 and Palhares is just hunting Galvao's leg over and over again. 

They get dragged to the center to reset as Palhares keeps going for a heel hook and finally Galvao is able to start his own up. 

Galvao able to extricate himself from the 50/50 situation and goes for a single on Palhares, Galvao turns it over and goes for the back but Palhares recovers and is standing now with Galvao sitting.  Galvao playing butterfly guard and going for a sweep but Palhares is able to stay level but unable to leave the butterfly guard.  Galvao is able to lift and come up on top and roll over to the back, let's see if he actually made it to the back when they reset.

Andre with one hook in and a seatbelt control on Palhares, Galvao trying to work the second hook in now on Palhares.  Galvao has both hooks for a short period of time and I'm unsure if points were scored but Palhares is now out and active on the feet as both guys stand up.

Palhares looking for a single leg but loses it.  Back to a single leg now and we finally get a look at the scoreboard and Galvao is up 9-2 over Palhares.  Palhares beginning to get obviously frustrated with Andre as he cannot complete a single leg or initiate any sort of lasting collar tie with Galvao. 

Palhares lifts up and slams Galvao down hard with a takedown but Galvao ends up getting closed guard and then back to butterfly to avoid the potential footlock danger.  Andre sweeps and goes up for the back and they both are scrambling and nothing gets established as both men reset standing in the center of the mat.

Palhares is able to rotate around and almost drag Andre down to the mat and take his back but Galvao scrambles and the score is 9-4 with each fighter having a -1 against them as well.

Galvao with a nice knee pick and scrambles trying to get the back but he can't as they reset standing. Galvao knee picks yet again but Palhares slip and slides right out.  Time is called.  Galvao is your winner on points as he stops the leg destroyer!  Andre Galvao is your under 88kg gold medalist!