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ADCC 2011 Men's Under 99kg Finals: Dean Lister vs. Joao Assis

Dean Lister and Joao now and Lister drops to guard and starts working towards an omoplata immediately on Joao's right arm.  Joao is out of the omoplata attempt and Lister is working half guard now as Joao looks like he's stalling out on top of the half guard of Lister now.

Lister going two on one on Joao's left arm from half guard but neither man seems to be getting anywhere in the position as Joao hugs down on Lister's hips.  Lister repeatedly baiting Joao to attack the foot but Joao isn't taking it as we remain stuck in a pretty stagnant half guard.

Joao finally drops back for a foot lock and Dean is quite aware and he comes up on top in half guard.  Joao going for deep half now and Dean is staying strong.  Dean fighting for an armlock and ends up back in butterfly guard against Joao.

Dean working a triangle attempt but it gets stuffed back and Dean playing open guard.  Joao and Dean working for heel hooks now and they both are really getting aggressive with the hooks and Lister wins!  Wow amazing for Lister with that inside heel hook.  Dean Lister is your under 99kg gold medalist.