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ADCC 2011 Men's Over 99kg Finals: Fabricio Werdum vs. Vinny Magalhaes

Vinny and Fabricio trading collar ties and we've remained in this standing position for a few minutes now as neither man is making headway towards a takedown.

Fabricio just worked a short arm drag but Vinny immediately popped back up, Vinny with a short shot and tried for the takedown but ended up pulling into half guard.  Vinny went to closed guard momentarily but back to half guard we go as Fabricio tries to rotate around the outside to pass.  Vinny working to an omoplata and it looks in!!!  Vinny keeping the omoplata as they roll and it ends up with a sweep and Vinny is up on points.  Huge move with the omoplata after Vinny showed some impressive flexibility to get the position.

Both fighters back standing now after a short scramble.  Fabricio has to be thinking that he absolutely needs the takedown here.  Fabricio is able to snatch Vinny down into the turtle and initiate a crucifix but abandons it as Vinny rotates around and pulls closed guard. 

Fabricio has gotten around Vinny's hips and gets an armlock/triangle combination from the back, they roll out of bounds and Vinny won't tap, this looks in, wow, Vinny is trying to rotate out and this looks serious, Vinny's arm might be gone here unless I'm not seeing something but he just isn't tapping.  Vinny is stuck stuck stuck but is keeping Fabricio's leg up and Vinny rotates out holy crap, his arm has got to be hurt.  Vinny looks fine though and they reset on the feet in the center of the mat.

Fabricio shoots on Vinny and fails and time is called.  Vinny has won, incredible heart showed by Vinny to survive that armlock.  Vinny is your over 99kg gold medal winner.