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ADCC 2011 Women's Under 60kg Finals: Kyra Gracie vs. Michelle Nicolini

Michelle pulls guard immediately and Kyra's able to stay standing, Kyra dives in for a guillotine attempt and is in top half guard as Michelle starts hand fighting the guillotine.  Michelle rolls up to to turtle guard and then back again to butterfly and pops her heard out of the guillotine.  Michelle is able to get back to full guard and starts working the triangle attempts.  Michelle with the overhook on Kyra's left arm as she works her guard up high to try for the triangle. 

Nicolini works an omoplata to an arm bar and it looks incredibly tight, the armbar looks in and Kyra is in serious trouble but rotates over and out! Incredible escape and Kyra comes up on top in half guard, space gets created and Nicolini plays a sitting guard temporarily before Kyra is able to dive back into the butterfly guard and works an over under trying to pass the guard by jumping over.  Nicolini going back to half guard after an attempt at a butterfly sweep.  Nicolini moves to an armbar but a seriously amazing escape by Krya using her leg inside, heel hook attempts now by both of them. 

Nicolini working closed guard and they stand, Nicolini came up with the single after a sweep from guard and they scramble, Kyra ends up in turtle guard and Nicolini is working around to the back but they end up trading omoplatas now, Nicolini now the only one stuck in the omoplata as they roll back.  Kyra trying to take the back now off the face crank from the omoplata and there's the tap from the OMOPLATA.  Omoplata finish!!  Kyra is your women's under 60kg champion.