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ADCC 2011 Women's Over 60kg Finals: Gabi Garcia vs. Hannette Staack

Gabi and Hannette tying up and Garcia barrels Hannette down after some time, Hannette with full guard as Gabi pins Hannette's arms down with some serious wrist control.  Gabi standing up but Hannette rolls under looks for a kneebar but no dice as Gabi shrugs it off and has double unders from the side on Hannette's turtle guard.  Gabi trying to force Hannette over so she can start her side control game but Hannette stays up and eventually rolls under to half guard.  Gabi starting to crush Hannette from on top in the half guard.  Hannette trapping Gabi's left arm between the legs (or Gabi keeping it there to pass), Gabi using her chin to try and pry Hannette's far arm out for the americana but Hannette keeps the underhook in and safe. 

Gabi forcing the shoulder pressure onto Hannette's chin and then backs out but Hannette follow's up and gets double underhooks before Gabi pushes back down but now Hannette's right elbow is slightly out and Gabi is working to crush the shoulder again, it's safe again as Hannette gets her hips under Gabi.  Gabi pushing to mount now and is digging that far arm out and starting the shoulder crush,

The arm just opened up and it's out there.  Gabi is working to the americana from top half guard it looks like but Hannette staying strong for as long as possible and is able to work that underhook back in.  Hannette continually working a lockdown half guard to try and keep Gabi's weight off the upper body.  Hannette into deep half guard somehow but Gabi crushes it down and is passing, Hannette makes a play for quarter guard and gets it but it may just be a matter of time until Gabi is able to bull out of the position. 

Gabi essentially treating the quarter guard as mount now, Gabi works to the side but Hannette moving back into deep half guard, Gabi crushes it down and crossfaces Hannette and is crushing the chin again with shoulder pressure.  Finally Hannette is able to get back to full guard and may be able to start something up.

Hannette rolls to the kneebar but Gabi kicks out and is attacking the turtle of Hannette again.  Gabi postures out and jumps into Hannette's half guard trying for a guillotine but it misses.  Hannette maintaining half guard again but just can't get an offense going from here.  Gabi working the americana again and it looks closer and closer this time but Hannette defends and hides the arm again.  The ref has reset them after a short scramble and Gabi is attacking Hannette's turtle guard again. 

First period of overtime now and they start standing, Gabi forces Hannette down and Hannette working half guard after a short stint in butterfly guard.  Gabi crushing in half guard again and may have gone for a no-gi ezekiel but nothing comes of it as she goes back to hunting the americana.  Hannette defends the americana and is back to full guard.

Gabi wins.  Nobody is shocked.  Hannette tried everything and kept Gabi at bay for a long time but just couldn't get a game going after that kneebar attempt.