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ADCC 2011 Absolute Division Results: Ribeiro Beats Monson, Magalhaes Passes Bastos, More

Xande Ribeiro vs. Jeff Monson- Xande sits for guard and Jeff goes in to engage.  Xande still sitting as Jeff can't find a way inside.  Xande is able to get a hold of Monson's foot and go for a straight ankle but Monson rotates out and stands. Xande remains sitting and Monson looks to engage off the knees.  Xande has worked a triangle/armlock attempt on Monson and now it's a straight arm lock and Monson slides his arm out.  Closed guard for Xande now.  Wait Xande just won and we have some controversy about possible greasing?

Vinny Magalhaes vs. Bruno Bastos- Bastos tries for a flying armbar into a guard pull but fails. Vinny is eventually able to pull closed guard.  Bruno keeping good pressure on Vinny while Vinny looks for some omoplata attempts.  Vinny rolled under to deep half guard and got a sweep on Bastos.  Both standing now and Vinny is up on points.  Vinny moves on and wins on points.

Murilo Santana vs. Marco Helen-  Not televised as of yet but there appears to have been an injury to Marco Helen during the match. Match is back on and Murilo working deep half guard to leg attacks and now on the outside to a sitting leg wrap working to stand up into a single leg takedown.  Murilo has Helen's back and is comfortably in the lead on points. Murilo wins on points and will fight Vinny.