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ADCC 2011 Absolute Division Results: Xande Scrapes By Gunnar Nelson, Vinny Magalhaes Is Upset By Murilo Santana, Andre Galvao Shows Some Serious Wrestling Over Moraes

Round 2: Xande Ribeiro vs. Gunnar Nelson- Xande sits to guard.  Some short open guard work and then back to standing.  Gunnar shoots and forces Xande to pull closed guard.  Xande trying to attack from closed guard now but Gunnar is keeping him pinned back well.  Xande attacks a leg and Gunnar trying to roll out and away, it looks like Gunnar is free.  Gunnar with a really nice guillotine, Xande escapes and Nelson puts it back on again, Xande escapes again, damn close guillotine.  Gunnar gets an inside trip off the double and they go flying out of the mat.  The fighters reset standing.  Xande wins on points as time is called.  Close fight.

Round 2: Murilo Santana vs. Vinny Magalhaes - Vinny jumps to guard and goes for an omoplata right off the bat.  Vinny trying to work a knee through triangle from 3/4 guard.  Murilo defending well and gets to half guard.  Vinny working to attack the far side kimura.  Murilo keeping very defensive and has the legs weaved with his near side arm.  Murilo steps over to a foot lock and Vinny is able to come free and on top.  Murilo going under to a leg reap attempt and a deep knee bar and slides out slightly.  Murilo sitting up towards a calf slicer and Vinny turning back around.  Murilo Santana in deep half guard now.  Vinny out of deep half and Murilo is still working on the leg, going for a foot lock any time he gets the chance but Vinny has him flattened out now.  

Vinny almost passes and Murilo recovers and puts half guard back in.  They end up standing and Murilo drops back down and into deep half guard again.  Vinny going for a kneebar but Murilo is fine as he holds onto Vinny's hips preventing the roll through.  Murilo ends up coming up on Vinny's back with one hook in after that kneebar attempt by Vinny.  Murilo needs that second hook in bad as he's down on points.  Murilo changes and goes for the arm but time is called.  Overtime.  Murilo really working some interesting half guard games as he keeps Vinny off balance.  Vinny is finally able to flatten Murilo but Murilo snakes into full guard.  Time is called and we'll head into referee decision and WOW Murilo Santana is declared the winner.  HUGE upset.  Murilo was awarded the win most likely because he was aggressive with attacks the entire match.

Round 2: Andre Galvao vs. Sergio Moraes- Both fighters looking for the takedown and trying different tie ups to do so.  Galvao jumps high in the air for guard and almost comes down with a triangle.  Andre sitting now and gets a hold of Sergio's leg and comes up for a single but is forced to abandon it and is back down to sitting.  Big scramble but nothing comes of it as Andre remains sitting and Sergio still standing.  Sergio sits and tries to engage now, Andre keeping him at a distance with his feet. 

Galvao trying some interesting takedowns but Sergio is scrambling very well.  Galvao running with a single now and Sergio counters with an uchi-mata but Galvao counters and goes back to the single and they have to reset.  Sergio with a single now but they're back to standing.  Moraes goes for a harai-goshi but Galvao ends up on his back with his arms around the hips, they restart but just in the standing position.  Galvao brings a single leg up and foot sweeps Sergio and Galvao is on Sergio's back with a hook in.  Galvao with the body triangle from the back with seat belt upper body control.  Galvao drags it to the ground and is working hard for the choke but Sergio rotates into Galvao's full guard.  Sergio down by quite a few points now and is really trying to pass Andre's open guard.  Galvao wins on points as time is called and will move on.