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ADCC 2011 Under 77kg/66kg Third Place Results: Kron Gracie, Claudio Calasans, Robson Moura, Jeff Glover

Kron Gracie vs. Claudio Calasans-  Gracie pulls guard on Calasans and immediately works towards a guillotine.  Calasans stands up and Kron Gracie switches to an arm drag from closed guard while standing, interesting.  Kron ends up on top as they reset and Calasans starts attacking the legs.  We're in half guard with Kron on top and Calasans backs out and starts working a reverse De La Riva and inverts trying to attack the knee.  Calasans rolls and Kron ends up trying to pass but gets caught in half guard and trying the knee slice but again Calasans rolling under for a reverse De La Riva and inverting for the leg attack again, looks like he's going for a kneebar.  50/50 guard now and then working a waiter sweep variation.  Calasans maybe working an x-guard but now we're back to half guard now.  Calasans repeatedly attacking the leg and trying to pull it across for a heel hook.... but uh the legs are in some seriously weird positions, Calasans keeps trying to get the kneebar to work but Kron is defending well.  Kron needs to get his leg back in as Calasans keep extending it.  Calasans trips up Kron but no points as Kron comes back in, Calasans catches Kron as Kron comes back up and is in a very close in half guard.  Calasans hunting the leg again and Kron backs out and working towards a pass now with one leg underhooked.  Overtime now and they start standing.  Calasans tries for an uchi-mata but Kron has some serious defense and avoids getting taken down.  Still standing as both guys trading takedown attempts now with Calasans the primary aggressor.  Kron with a quick guillotine attempt but Calasans works out.  Second overtime started.  Kron pulls into guard and hits a guillotine and it's in and over wow, the end came quick there and Kron is the bronze medal winner.

Jeff Glover vs. Robson Moura-  Glover slides in to guard and is working a half guard, Moura slicing through and Glover is able to defend and get back to butterfly guard.  Moura flattening Glover down in half guard and working to pass but Glover inverts and gets back to butterfly yet again.  Moura trying to pressure through the half guard and not getting far but Glover isn't able to get his mobile bottom game going.  A distance half guard game going for Jeff now as he creates space and tries for an arm drag.  Robson flips over the half guard and goes for the back but Jeff get's his back to the floor and Robson can't get the hooks in.  Glover's legs working constantly and we're back to half guard.  Jeff with a slick arm in guillotine and WOW that was terrific, Jeff countered Robson's pass and when Robson went back the other way Jeff lifted and went around the head and it was in and over.  Jeff Glover wins the bronze medal.