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ADCC 2011 Over/Under 99kg-88kg Third Place Results: Cyborg, Xande, Lovato, And More

Roberto Cyborg Abreu vs. Gerardi Rinaldi-  This is for the bronze medal in the over 99kg weight class.  Abreu immediately dives and finishes a footlock on Rinaldi.  Well, ok then.  Abreu is the bronze medal winner.

Xande Ribeiro vs. Antonio Peinado-  Rodolfo Viera is hurt and Antonio Peinado takes his place.  Xande ends up on his back and working halfguard on Peinado.  Back on the feet and nothing much happening as both men are posturing with collar ties. Xande works a takedown but it goes out of bounds and into the banner.  Xande resets and gets the leg again and drops low with Peinado sprawling.  Xande holding onto that leg and they reset again in the middle.  Xande trying to turn the corner and get his head to the middle for the single leg, Xande stands with the single leg and they reset in the middle.  Xande keeps going for the single and they go out of bounds again.  Still standing and collar tying up.  Xande shooting on the single again but isn't getting it as Peinado postures back.  We're in overtime now and they're still standing.  Xande repeatedly shooting and failing and we remain on the feet.  This is some serious clash of the titans stand up as neither guy can get a shot to work right and they're getting more and more tired as this continues.  The shots are coming slower and sloppier.  Holy god Xande finally drags Peinado to the ground and then out of bounds.  Xande got both hooks in out of bounds and that's it, it's over and Xande wins the bronze.

Lovato Jr. vs. Pablo Popovitch- Lovato's legs are all taped up and he's limping bad after that Toquinho fight.  Lovato pulls guard and Pablo ends up on top in half guard.  Lovato is obviously injured in the way he's playing guard, he cannot plant his wrapped foot on the ground at all.   Popovitch just bearing down on Lovato in top half guard.  Popovitch wins 3-0 off of a pass, lackluster match but Lovato seemed not to be get anything going without that foot.  Popovitch wins the bronze in the under 88kg weight class.